PetTrack is a network ready pet licensing system that will also operate in stand-alone applications.
All field attributes can be tailored to a specific
user or group of users.


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Written forms? Manual entry?—So 20th century. PetTrack™ will bring you into the exciting digital world.

Big and SmallPetTrack™ can run as a stand-alone or client-server implementation.


Unlimited notes and contacts can be employed in order to maintain precise records. PetTrack™ time/date stamps all user changes and records the user and machine that changed the data. Licenses, renewals and custom form letters are printed on laser quality forms.
This allows the user to modify forms based upon ever-changing requirements. Along with the ability to query on any field, standard reports and user-defined custom reports are easily generated by the click of a mouse.

Included is a GEO subsystem for city, state and zip code data validation and optional generation of CASS certification and postal statements. The option to expedite data entry using barcode readers is also available. PetTrack™ can also interface with our PaymentCentral cashiering system.


PetTrack™ is a true client server application. It is written using C# / C++ to obtain maximum speed and flexibility possible. PetTrack™ complies with the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) technology that allows PetTrack™ to utilize any ODBC compliant database. It is designed for single user, network and remote environments.



—give us a call; there are a few variables that need to be considered.

Operating Environment

Our systems are designed to run on reasonably new Windows® systems. An ODBC compliant database system is required. Often, this means a Windows® server with MS Sql.