"Our primary Pet licensing objective is to accept as much revenue as possible to fund the pet management functions. Our prior system (HTE) was onerous as it required a great deal of unnecessary effort. With the new PSI pet licensing system, our workload has dramatically decreased (By 50%). And even better, our staff actually is having a good time exploring the system."
- Connie Alfaro, Fresno, CA

"Your knowledge of our utility software was invaluable. I so appreciated your response time and patience. You were so wonderful; we could not have done it without you."
- Deborah Diggs, Supervisor, Loma Linda, CA

"...the implementation of the new billing system in December 2006 provides an improved accounting and management of the alarm customers."
- Walter Calles, IS Project Manager, City of Glendale, CA

"While other vendors may provide software upgrades before they are ready, our software from Progressive Solutions always seems to work."
- Sean Seamster, System Analyst lll, City of Wichita, KS

"The Reprint Function is good for forms…needed often during renewals."
- James Amezcua, Revenue Inspector,
City of El Segundo, CA

"The capability of Searching by any Category in any field. Also printing renewals by category."
- Natalie Brandon, Business License Inspector,
City of Hawthorne, CA

"The ability of Progressive Solutions to partner with us."
- James Hettrick, I.S. Director Supreme,
City of Loma Linda, CA

"Tech Support Service Second to None."
- Cindy Buechter,
City of San Bernardino, CA

"[Progessive Solutions software has] a lot of versatility and it works well."
- Barbara Brandt, Business License Clerk,
City of Carlsbad, CA

"The ability to integrate with all other systems."
- Trevor Morris, Web Specialist,
City of South Jordan, UT

Customer Profiles: